The BEV, KZEV, OEV and TGEV (Ostschweiz) hosting committee welcomes all skaters, delegates and entourage in the Canton of Grison to this year's Alpenpokal.

Our accredited hotels

Waldhaus Flims

Hotel Vorab

Hotel Adula

Practice ice @ Sportzentrum Prau La Selva

Friday, 16.10.2015 - 1500 until 1650, max.20 skaters on first come - first serve basis (no specific time slots assigned)
Saturday, 17.10.2015 - 1900 until 2050, max. 20 skaters on first come - first serve basis (no specific time slots assigned)

Draw @ Waldhaus Flims Mountain Resort & Spa

The draw for ALL categories, starting with U11 onward, takes place on the evening of 16th of October 2015 - 1800 (until approx. 2000) in its Jugendstil Pavillion (see map for location details). Subsequent to the draw, the hosting committee invites all skaters, parents and trainers to a short aperitif in the adjacent venue.

NOTE: As the Jugendstill Pavillion does not provide adjacent parking please make use of designated parking facilities as pointed out in above mentioned map!

SP/FS Musik CDs and PPCS

ALL skaters are requested to hand in their CDs for SP and FS in due course of the draw. Same goes for not yet submitted PPCS. Alternatively CDs can also be handed in on the Kiosk no later than 30min prior to perfomace time!

Parking @ the ice rink

The ice rink at Sportzentrum Prau La Selva provides covered parking facilities, which will be available at no charge during Saturday's and Sunday's competition. However, for those using the parking facility during Friday's practice ice sessions or otherwise, metered parking does apply.

While the ice rink can also be accessed by bus/coach, actual parking is limited to 2 buses at a time (designated parking slots right at the entrance to the covered car parking facility). Particating teams intending to leave their bus/coach parked at the ice rink throughout the competition are requested to inform such intention in due course of the draw.

Further questions

Should any question arise prior or in due course of the competition or otherwise, please do not hesitate to approach any of our staff whenever required.

Finally, the hosting committee wishes every success to all the skaters and may the best win this year's Alpenpokal :-)


IMPORTANT ADVISORY for Sunday, 18 Oct 2015

Please take note of CHANGED segment sequence/timeschedule for Junior U17 Men and Junior U19 Ladies!


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